Letter To The Editor: Gov. Gary Johnson

Hood River, OR
An interesting dynamic is about to emerge in the 2016 Presidential race: The Libertarian presidential candidacy of former Republican New Mexico Gov. Gary Johnson. He recently polled at 11 percent in a Monmouth University poll.
This may not sound like much but at 15 percent, the DNC and RNC debate platform rules, designed to keep third party competitors out, can’t keep him from the national debate stage.
In addition, the American Initiative lawsuit (https://www.) against the two party stranglehold will be coming to bear.
This third party candidate will change the nature of this already tumultuous race. His contention is that many American voters are already Libertarians, they just don’t know it. He cites the non-partisan website www.isidewith.com/political- where each candidate answers a set of questions and voters compare their answers to the candidates as evidence of this.
As an American citizen who is exasperated with the choices before me I respectfully request you help us learn more about Gov. Johnson.
Currently Sanders may not beat Clinton’s super delegates, Clinton might yet be indicted by the FBI, Cruz is despised by the establishment, Trump might be facing a brokered convention and Kasich is jockeying for the windfall.
In other words anything goes…
As a former New Mexico resident, I know you New Mexico has a history of solid statesmen like Sen. Pete Domenici, Secretary Bill Richardson and Gov. Gary Johnson.
I’d like to learn more about Johnson as a presidential candidate. I bet our nation and your readers would too!