Letter to the Editor: Give Support for School Board Members to Speak Out Without Fear

Los Alamos

I am very concerned about the lack of transparency around the sudden show of little confidence in the Superintendent, who apparently was strongly insulted by a vote of lack of confidence.

It is something that should be examined with the intent to work out problems, and if the Board of Education has become rigid, then there is more to the problem than the superintendent. It is that simple.

If he did something wrong according to the nearly half of board members, then it should have been discussed publicly after being discussed thoroughly with some show of confidence in all parties. Only one vote made a majority and that is not a defining event.

An article in the Los Alamos Monitor made me wonder if this is about the terrible number of suicides and how to support youth in their mounting hope or hopelessness. It made me wonder if gun rules were being discussed and are in fact. Strong feelings are being kept from the public, which is wrong.

But another subject came up about our Superintendent of schools with regard to teacher support on his part. Neither of these subjects may be the whole of the problem, but likely it is some of what is wrong and brings haste to an effort to force answers. I would like to have more discussion among the Board of Education and the current leader of our school system.

I would like to see some support given to those school board members who want to say something to us, and without fear. I encourage an example be set to young people, parents, and voters.

I see none.


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