Letter to the Editor: Furious at Icons on Ballots

By JJ Maier

I just returned home from voting early here in my home town of Los Alamos, New Mexico.

I was furious to discover that the ballot had “icons” in front of the presidential candidates – not their party icons, but icons selected by the New Mexico Secretary of State:

1. Obama had a distorted eagle

2. Romney had the American Flag

When I called our local County Clerk, they said the local government has no control over how the ballot looks or what is on it and that this ballot format is being used by all precincts throughout the state.

This seems way over the top in attempting to influence citizens at the voting booth to vote for the Republican candidate.

I’ve been voting for about 45 years and this is the first time I have ever seen such a thing, is it legal?

Too many oddities in this election. First, voting locations are reduced “because of manpower.”

Not only are the locations reduced, but reduced to a community building and a church. 

I could understand using a church facility if our town had no other buildings that could house such an activity, but that is not true in Los Alamos and now this unnecessary defacement of what is supposed to be a fair, clear, non-partisan document.

I am so very dismayed by these insidious methods being used to deteriorate our American System and intimidate citizens.



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