Letter to the Editor: Filming at 155 Monte Rey South

Pajarito Acres Resident

I agree with the complaints by Ellen Walton, especially the many vehicles parked along Monte Rey South making it hard to drive though that area. That part of the road is now effectively a one-lane road but usually has no active traffic control. I drive through that area very slowly and carefully to avoid other vehicles and members of the filming crew who are often in or crossing the road.

My wife and I wish to add two specific complaints. First, early on the very morning they started filming (Monday, 3/31, before 7 a.m.), one of their vehicles knocked over our mailbox and left the scene. Our morning newspaper was on the ground in front of the knocked-over mailbox. I called the county’s film liaison, Kelly Stewart, and left a complaint on the answering machine. I never got a reply. We quickly made a temporary fix to the box before the mail came and will make permanent repairs after the filming is done and long gone.

Second, Thursday night there was filming scenes on Monte Rey South until midnight or so. The filming crew used very bright lights to illuminate the scene. However, those lights also shone directly on our house and into our bedroom. It was blinding to look directly at those lights from our house. Fortunately, our bedroom’s metal blinds stopped most of the bright light, and our bed was not in its direct beam. The light made strong shadows behind our house. Such intense lighting should never shine on adjacent property not involved with the filming so late at night! Such a rule should be always a condition for such filming operations!

We were happy that the big power generator parked across the road from our house was very quiet.


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