Letter To The Editor: Faux Outrage Is Comical

Los Alamos

RE: Mr. Birnbaum’s letter dated Oct 21, 2016.

Given Mr. Birnbaum’s silence during the last election cycle when his preferred candidate’s campaign used lies and vicious personal attacks, his faux outrage over political mailings is comical, bordering on hypocrisy.

However, what really matters is who will represent us in the legislature.

I’m not referring to who gets elected, but rather who will represent us after getting elected.

I served with Sharon Stover for two terms on the Los Alamos County Council that were separated by six years. Those two terms were bookended by the Cerro Grande and Las Conchas Fires. Sharon served as the chair of the council during the aftermath of the Cerro Grande and during the Las Conchas and its evacuation.

Sharon demonstrated true leadership and strength of character in those two events. I was at her side and witnessed our congressman, senator and governor defer to her.

Sharon will not be bullied into changing her vote to the party line by the so called “leadership” in Santa Fe. Sharon will not vote one way and then another on the same issue for political expediency.

We will not have to share our voice in the legislature with interests from outside our community and district 43. Sharon will be OUR voice and represent the community in which she grew up and raised her family.


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