Letter to the Editor: ‘Face of PEEC’ Has Died

Executive Director of PEEC

To hundreds of locals and visitors, the face of PEEC has long been a smiling boy in an orange sweatshirt looking delightedly at a bird perched in his hand. 

This picture sums up everything that PEEC wants to be for the community—a source of joy and delight in nature.

We at PEEC were heartbroken to hear that the model for that joyful picture has passed away. Ryan Pappas’ smile has meant so very much to us for many years. It’s hard to comprehend that he is no longer out in the world, spreading the delight that his smile reflects. 

We can’t imagine what his family and friends are going through now, but our thoughts are with them.

Editor’s note: Ryan Pappas died Monday in a car crash in Monument, Colo.