Letter to the Editor: Experience Joy Of Giving

Campaign Co-Chairs
United Way of Northern New Mexico

Los Alamos is a unique, wonderful community with good schools, favorable climate and beautiful scenery. However, there are those in our community who need some aid in order to enjoy these gifts.

Fortunately, there are resources available to facilitate these needs, but they likewise need funding to accomplish their missions. Both of us have been regular contributors to the United Way for several decades. We have watched our donations used wisely to ‘give a hand’ to those who, for whatever reason, can use a boost. This year we are the Co-chairs of the Community Action Fund (CAF) of the United Way.

But until we started actually visiting many of the 20-plus funded partners of last year’s CAF, we really had no idea how much they are able to do for our community’s needs. Without CAF funding, many of them would not be able to stay in existence today. At a recent visit to a soup kitchen, one of United Way’s recipients, we saw several specific examples of where the funding had been applied – a new freezer, a new stove, high speed dishwasher, each from a grant from the United Way. The manager of the soup kitchen stated quite bluntly that without this money, they would have to close their doors.

Another small United Way grant has been used to purchase Sirius radios and iPods for Alzheimer’s patients. Research has shown that listening to familiar music has a calming effect on patients such as these.

These are but a few examples showing the positive difference that your contributions can make. We urge you to experience the joy of giving – you will be happy that you do. An important consideration of the CAF is that there are no administrative fees, 100 percent of your CAF donation goes directly to help our local community.

Those who are LANL employees have an opportunity to have CAF donations matched by the Laboratory. We encourage you to take advantage of this wonderful gesture. Please accept our warmest thanks for your past support of the United Way. Your contributions make a positive difference in our community.