Letter To The Editor: Erin Green – A Boon For LAPS Board And Los Alamos County

Los Alamos

Candidate Erin Green will be of tremendous value if appointed to the Los Alamos Public School Board. 

The board will have some important decisions to make regarding the Superintendent, FY21-22 school year return, and upcoming infrastructure considerations. Los Alamos residents will benefit greatly from Candidate Green’s presence on the LAPS Board, as her considerable experience in childhood education gives her the ability to consider options for the benefit of all types of students.

Erin Green founded a Los Alamos Forest School program for incorporating open learning programs with the amazing outdoor spaces Los Alamos has to offer. She has been a Girl Scout Troop leader, incorporating goal-based activities and education for groups of children. She was a member of the early childhood group at Family Strengths Network (FSN) where new parents could collaborate and develop social and support networks that are essential in a town where many families do not have assistance from extended family readily available. She has also served as board chair and as a teacher for the Unitarian Church’s educational program, educating elementary aged-children with a focus on growth, inclusivity, and understanding.

In addition to the experience with children that Candidate Green has acquired in these endeavors, they also demonstrate her ability to work in groups to make decisions. Collaborating with other parents in the Forest School cooperative, discussing educational options for the Unitarian education program with other board members, and listening to the concerns of other parents at FSN illustrate her ability to consider viewpoints and make decisions as part of a team.

Erin’s study in counseling and mental health reflect her interest and abilities in empathizing with the concerns of others. This will be vital to fostering a positive relationship between the teachers and the school board. Difficult decisions will still be required during the upcoming school year, but when the teachers’ needs and concerns are being recognized and considered, they will feel appropriately supported and valued. As the teachers are our most valuable resource for educating children, understanding their input and experience is paramount to making the best decisions for our community.

I have known Candidate Green as a valued member of the Los Alamos community for almost a decade.  Her breadth of experience in these varied childhood learning opportunities gives her the experience and perspectives to make choices that will best serve the diverse population of LAPS students and families. I am grateful to Erin for being willing to serve in this capacity, and hope you will appoint her to this position for the benefit of all of Los Alamos.

Thank you for your time and consideration.


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