Letter To The Editor: Elizabeth Allen Will Take Municipal Court To The Next Level

Los Alamos 

We have the opportunity to take our Municipal Court to the next level by electing Elizabeth Allen.

She has years of experience as a trial attorney for both plaintiffs and defendants. Elizabeth has had the opportunity to argue in front of more than 20 judges to observe both good and bad judicial practice.   

Experience is normally a good thing but sitting on the same bench for many years can lead judges to an “I’ve seen this before” mindset, which can yield faulty decisions.

Elizabeth has worked with children with disabilities, child protection services, and helped others through the judicial process. She understands that engagement with the criminal justice system is a very stressful event in people’s lives.

Although Elizabeth arrived in Los Alamos just a few years ago, she is already deeply engaged though her work JJAB, PEEC, and the Family Strengths Network. She has broad legal experience. She has the respect of police officers but was not one of them.

Elizabeth has worked with the vulnerable members of society who can be ensnared by our legal system. Her instincts are to reach out and help people to assure everyone gets a fair hearing and adjudication. She does not believe that shaming people will yield constructive outcomes.

Elizabeth is ready to use her knowledge of the judicial process and good judicial practice to improve our Municipal Court system for everyone who becomes involved in the process to make it more transparent and assure our County ordinances are properly and fairly adjudicated.