Letter To The Editor: Election Season…

White Rock
An otherwise typical boring election season has at least given us some humor in the sheriff’s race. In forums and their own articles, three of the candidates have stated they don’t want the office and the 4th thinks being a security guard will make him a good sheriff.
The Democrat has said he voted to eliminate the office and now wants to run it. Must be related to Rick Perry. The Republican told the Kiwanis Club flat out he didn’t want to be sheriff. And the Libertarian started his campaign telling the Daily Post he would resign if elected.
The Democrat and Libertarian think running their own business gives them the experience to, well I’m not sure what. Neither seems like they’ll do anything except let a secretary worry about the sex offenders and have the police help them serve papers, so what’s different from now?
The Republican thinks being a soldier and fireman makes him most qualified for a job he doesn’t want. And other than fighting with the police chief and wanting to enforce all the laws and county ordinances that the police already do because, I guess they don’t pull over enough speeders, I don’t know what we benefit from him.
Then there’s the Independent security guard. Well just for some more laughs I checked out his website. Amusing video on the home page. Then I saw where he has links on his other pages. I read the NBC news and NY Times articles. He didn’t seem so funny anymore. Casino security guards in Las Vegas, Nev., it turns out have a job as tough as and work with the local police and they get killed in domestic disputes like police do. They even have their own SWAT teams.
On another page he explains his training in profiling pedophiles and how he’ll keep our kids safe. And he provides links for national organizations to help parents and kids with abuse and bullying.
Since someone’s going to be our next sheriff, I’m voting for the only one who seems in this for the people and not for them self. I’m voting for the Independent named Greg White.