Letter To The Editor: Ebb & Flow Of NM Representation

Los Alamos
I used a graphic (link) to justify my vote for Stephanie Garcia Richard and whom I congratulate on her winning the 43nd District New Mexico House seat.
I indicated that control of the House could easily flip-flop between political parties when they are close in numbers. That has indeed happened in the recent election. I have prepared another graphic to illustrate just how fragile (finicky?) control can be in such cases.
The reverse of 2010 occurred this year with the Democrats retaking the House which they have held control of for many decades. The “old-guard” continues to dwindle (29 seated before 2010 to just 22 of the 70 seats now; only eight of these were first elected before 2000!
Indeed, only 28 of the 70 representatives just elected or re-elected have more seniority than Stephanie does. With the Democrats now in control she should be in a stronger position to represent District 43 than in the past.
Here’s wishing her success in chairing or co-chairing some of the House committees she serves on.