Letter To The Editor: Dumb

Los Alamos
I’ve never seen the movie Dumb and Dumber, but when I saw Sara the ImPaler and McDonald T Rump touting that God and guns go together, all I could think of was dumb and dumber.
The problem is, I’m not sure who is dumb and who is dumber. Can anyone imagine Jesus with an M-16? What is wrong with our society that we appreciate the worst of humanity? Why isn’t there a smart and smarter? Why does Albuquerque worship Breaking Bad? Why wouldn’t they want to be known as Going Good? How is it that hatred of all things different is pushing Mr. T Rump to the top of the polls, and much of our society seems to embrace this hatred?
I just wonder if our society is regressing instead of evolving. Just listen to much of modern music, which has primitive rhythms, repetitive melodies, and nasty words. Who is writing the great spiritual music like Bach, whose music is richly complex, eternally appreciated, and spiritually abundant?
And if Mr. Rump and all the other candidates for president were instantly transported back in time and could commune with the founding fathers over writing our constitution, how do you think they would do? Would they make objective and useful suggestions, always being willing to listen to others and to compromise so that our country could serve the most people in the most positive way? Or have we regressed to a more primitive time when force and violence are used to solve all problems?
PBS is running a special on the integration of the High School in Little Rock, Arkansas. The hatred of many whites for blacks was on public display and many people were proud to fight against integration.
Is the current war against Muslims any different? Before blacks, Americans hated Jews and the Irish. The theme is the same in every case, the distrust and hatred of anything that is different. The name of God was constantly used as the reason for keeping the black kids from integrating the schools. Does this sound familiar to you?
Doesn’t being civilized require us to move past this hatred and distrust? What are you going to do to change this world for the better and are we going to let politicians bring back this hatred from the past?
I fear that intelligent thought is being punished by the unreasoned fear of all that is different. If only all mankind could come to the conclusion that we are all equal as children of God and that our differences are our strength, not our weakness, and that if we would only look, we would find that our universe is friendly to all of its children. Why aren’t we?
Moore later, if it be the will of God, and the Post.