Letter to the Editor: Driving is Not a Right

Khalil J Spencer
League of American Bicyclists Cycling Instructor 1173

The Sunday morning Monitor reminded us of just how close we came to killing some children at the Montessori School on Canyon Road.

Why? Because as County Engineer Kyle Zimmerman tells us, our safety is held hostage by a few “irrational” drivers.

Not only do we not control them, but it seems difficult to even know who the people are who are trying to kill us, including another driver who crashed the same week on Main Hill Road while, according to the Daily Post, driving aggressively and passing another vehicle.

Often, we don’t even know if the motorists were even cited!

Perhaps the first level of dealing with dangerous drivers is not to ask the County to spend more money on traffic studies to change speed limits, but to arrest and prosecute reckless and careless drivers, put their faces in both newspapers, and take away their driver’s licenses.

After all, these are often not “accidents” caused by bad weather or poor facilities. They are caused by deliberate risk taking – because there seems to be no risk to being held accountable by the community.

Driving is not a right. When you abuse your driving privileges and endanger the community, you must lose that privilege.

It’s about time we made that stick. Preferably, before there is innocent blood spilled in the road.



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