Letter to the Editor: Drilling Wells Disaster for White Rock

Robert Selden
Los Alamos

The plan to drill wells along the rim of White Rock Canyon is a disaster for residents of White Rock, La Senda and Pajarito Acres.

This project will bring industrial activity with visual and noise pollution into the residential areas, and degrade the quality of our lives.

The quiet and beauty of our hills, canyons and forests are one of the primary reasons many of us like to live here. This project as currently planned will damage open space areas along White Rock Canyon.

It will require service roads, construction, drilling and well operations, which will detract from the beauty of the canyon and create noise pollution which is unacceptable in residential areas.

The County has established zoning districts to separate commercial and industrial activities from residential areas. In this plan to drill wells the County is violating the basic principles of residential zoning by putting industrial activity directly in residential areas.

And is drilling and operating a well an appropriate use of County park land?

There is no mitigation for drilling wells along the canyon, despite the County claims to the contrary. The residential neighborhoods are quiet. You can hear a dog barking a mile away.

The canyon rim is one of the best scenic areas in the County. Drilling and operating wells is simply incompatible with this, and the visual and noise pollution will be permanent.

There are hundreds of acres in the lower Pajarito Plateau area that are far removed from the residential areas. Those are appropriate places for this kind of industrial activity.

Most are in DOE land, but it is hard to imagine that the DOE would not support the County in sustaining its water supply.

There is no reason that is important enough to carry out this project as planned. Los Alamos County should be sustaining or improving the quality of life for the people who live here rather than taking on projects that degrade it.

The wells should be moved or the project abandoned.


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