Letter to the Editor: DPU Commended For Improvement Efforts Through QNM


Immediate past chair of the QNM Board

I commend the Los Alamos Department of Public Utilities on their continued efforts at systematic and systemic improvement using independent, third-party feedback through the New Mexico Performance Excellence Award process administered by Quality New Mexico.

In 2008, DPU received Roadrunner recognition for demonstrated performance improvements and this year DPU is pursuing the process again in their quest to achieve performance excellence. As the immediate past chair of the QNM Board and a former lead judge in the awards process, I have seen first-hand the level of effort it takes to pursue this rigorous self-evaluation and feedback process. As a long-time customer, I have seen the benefits in organizational improvement at DPU. 

As chair of the LANL Foundation Board, I have seen the significant benefits from the NMPEA process. Organizations such as DPU and the Foundation are committed to learning and improving.

I also commend Ralph Phelps, who many years ago as a member of the Utilities Board encouraged DPU to pursue rigorous independent evaluation to improve performance. Succeeding members of the Utilities Board have supported DPU leadership and staff on their ongoing commitment to systematic learning and improvement. Such constancy of purpose is critical to the successful operation of DPU in managing a complex system to achieve sustainable, cost-effective, and highly reliable performance for the citizens of Los Alamos County. This type of independent governance that takes the long view is why I will vote No on Charter Question 2. I encourage others to do the same.