Letter To The Editor: Dorothy Hoard Family Expresses Appreciation And Congratulations

On behalf of the family of Dorothy Hoard, we would like to express our congratulations to John Bartlit, recipient of the 2016 Dorothy Hoard Stewardship Award as described in the Oct. 26, 2016 edition of the Los Alamos Daily Post (link), and also our appreciation to Craig Martin, Jason Lott, the Friends of Bandelier, and Bandelier National Monument for making this award possible.
Dorothy’s long career as an authority on, protector of, and advocate for Bandelier and the wild lands of Northern New Mexico was rooted in her immense, enduring love of our beautiful land. She understood well that responsible stewardship of this land did not end at artificial, human-made property lines, but extended into the broad community, and indeed, into the air above us and the water beneath us. How fitting, then, to give this award to a similarly tireless advocate for that air and water, as John Bartlit has been for years via his leadership of New Mexico Citizens for Clean Air and Water, Inc,, which has worked so hard to protect these exceptional resources.
Our thanks to you all, and we feel confident that Dorothy would approve. To the rest of our community who treasure not only Dorothy’s memory but also the wonders of northern New Mexico, we say: keep on keepin’ on, and let’s have many additional, worthy candidates for this award in 2017 and beyond.

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