Letter To The Editor: Don’t Call Police For Pizza

Los Alamos

I too attended the Los Alamos County Council meeting Tuesday. I too heard Councilor Tony Maggiore state that the council has previously strayed beyond their purview. I am of two minds about this. 

On the one hand it might be better for the county if drafting ineffective and irrelevant resolutions, and then pontificating about them for hours was ALL the county council did. On the other hand perhaps the county would actually benefit if the county council stuck to county business. One can argue either side of this.

People, the county council is not a platform for influencing immigration. Period. If you have a strong opinion like Councilor Peter Sheehey and many others apparently do, write your congress people. If you persist in these local arguments about immigration you will not be as effect as I am because I AM writing my senators. I don’t call the police department to order a pizza, and I never fish at the sewer plant. Put your effort where it will do the most good and stop using the county council position for your soap box.