Letter To The Editor: Don’t Break What Is Working

Los Alamos

I’ve always had a strong attachment to Los Alamos. My parents started me off in Little Forest  (Playschool) and I had the privilege of going through the rest of the school system here. I moved away for several years and then returned with my family in 2009.

Years ago when I first read about the tagline contest and saw that “Where Discoveries Are Made” had  been adopted, I only wished I’d had that kind of epiphany.

I’m a lifelong graphic designer/creative director and I thought that defining phrase was brilliant. It is simple. No other explanation is needed. It is neither flamboyant nor self-serving. It is an incredibly powerful statement of fact and it leaves the reader’s mind wide open to explore what kind of “discoveries” these could possibly be. 

“Where Discoveries Are Made” is the epitome of the people of Los Alamos—we are subdued and quite casual about who we are, but we approach our work with vision, passion, and purpose.   

Please don’t break what is already working. 

Sad to say, now it seems as if those working on this campaign feel obligated to “come up with “something” since so much energy and money has been spent. 

My suggestion: Count your losses and admit that a fourth-grader has trumped us all.

Hoping that this is a change we don’t need.


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