Letter To The Editor: Doing One’s Job And Voting Should Never Be Considered A Conflict Of Interest

Los Alamos

Sharon and Naomi are doing their jobs.

I must take exception to the last paragraph in Reid Priedhorsky’s letter of Oct. 13 (here) wherein he accused the county clerk and deputy county clerk of being unethical and in conflict of interest for doing the job they were elected to do and hired to do. 

Sharon Stover is the county clerk and along with her deputy, Naomi Maestas, they are responsible for the entire election process in Los Alamos County. 

Yes, they are candidates for other offices in this election but they still have to do their current job. Let me note that the entire staff of the county clerk’s office is only five people including Sharon and Naomi. 

I have been assigned to be the presiding judge on Saturday, Oct. 22, when we open the White Rock Library for the first day of early voting in White Rock. First day openings of a voting site often include members of the county clerk’s staff to make sure everything gets up and going smoothly. They then disappear and the presiding judge, along with the election judges and clerks, have responsibility for the voting site.

Finally, Sharon and Naomi will come to one of the voting sites sometime between now and Nov. 8 to vote. They will arrive, either present an ID or answer required questions, receive a ballot, vote and quietly leave.

Doing their job and voting should never be considered a conflict of interest. They are doing their elected, or hired, jobs and are doing it within the ethical guidelines established by state and local protocols.


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