Letter to the Editor: Dogs Bark For A Reason

Los Alamos

Hello, I would like to address the families who are complaining about the “non-stop” dog barking:

  • First off, you obviously do not have animals; and
  • Second off, it’s a part of life. Dogs bark. Get over it.

It is considered animal abuse to remove an animal’s vocal cords. It’s the same as taking away your vocal cords. We don’t remove people’s vocal cords every time they are annoying, loud, or make us mad. So we shouldn’t do it to animals.

God gave them barking for a reason, to let us know what is going on. Dogs bark at people for the main reason of them not knowing who they are. If a dog is barking, then you should probably get off the couch and see what is going on because THERE IS a reason for the dogs to be barking.

Without dogs, we don’t know if someone is trying to break in while we are sleeping, we don’t know if our child is sneaking out, we don’t know if someone is vandalizing your house or somewhere in the neighborhood. Dogs can save a life as well, they will defend you.

Dogs are loyal amazing animals. I feel sorry for the people who cease to realize that.


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