Letter To The Editor: Do We And Our Kids Make Some People Feel Unwelcome?

White Rock

Christine Bernstein’s letter about school lunches recounts movingly her experience talking with kids about their opinions on school lunches, which our state is now sensibly offering to all students as a means of reducing child poverty in New Mexico.

Well-fed people find it hard to imagine the impact of hunger on children’s ability to learn and how that will probably affect their ability to become productive members of society: will they do poorly in school? drop out? Imagine the incentive to stay in school if that’s the place to get fed!

But of course what most of us remember in Christine’s letter is the image of the small boy smiling happily as he told Christine his delight in eating his school lunch.

Then I realized my sadness in wondering why he was sitting alone. Do we and our kids make some people feel unwelcome? I hope not, but I worry.


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