Letter to the Editor: Do Not Criticize Your Neighbor

Los Alamos/Albuquerque

To those of you who are “on board” with the anti-APD protests in Albuquerque: If you’ve never ridden with a policeman or policewoman on patrol, do not criticize. You cannot imagine the stress of a job (for the officer or his/her family) in which any given encounter can be a death threat.

Mr. (Khal) Spencer is correct in citing the broken behavioral health system as one factor in the tragic death of Mr. Boyd, but the ill-advised protests did nothing to help the situation and could wreak long-term adverse consequences. (See Spencer’s letter here.)

If any of you feel that you could do a better job as a law enforcement agent, go for it. If you are not willing to do that, your opinion lacks credibility.

Do not criticize your neighbor until you have walked – or worked – in his shoes.


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