Letter To The Editor: Chamisa Families Endorse Antonio Jaurigue For School Board In District 2

Los Alamos
Registered voters in Los Alamos School Board District 2, especially those who care about engaged and present representation on our local school board: please vote for Antonio Jaurigue (pronounced: How-dig-gee), to represent our Chamisa Family. 
Those of us in the district know that Chamisa is not just an elementary school; it is a tight-knit community of families, educators, and neighbors who come together through good and bad to help the children in our care thrive.
Antonio Jaurigue is one of us. He shares our Chamisa values of “Teamwork, Family, Community” and has demonstrated this through his extensive volunteer work at Chamisa and in the surrounding community. His active roles as a parent of three Chamisa Cheetahs (one of whom is now a proud LAMS Hawk) and as a volunteer with Chamisa School have given him a perspective that is fresh, informed, and enthusiastic.
Antonio is a thoughtful, intelligent, and community-driven candidate who has stepped up to the plate for District 2. He has proven to the people around him time and again his ability to lead with compassion and insight.
It is because of these proven qualities, as well as our deep desire to be represented by an individual that will be an active representative for all of those in the Chamisa Family, that we, the following Chamisa and District 2 families are proud to endorse his candidacy to represent us on the School Board:
Scott and Brandi Engeman          Wren Propp
Fran and Boris Gelfand                Matt Williams
Aaron and Julie Walker                Stephanie Rittner
Keira Arce-Ramos                        John and Brittany Carpenter
Lori Padilla                                   Cindy Richard
Joanne Kozuchowski                    Richard Skolnik
Paul Fenimore                              Rose and Tom Gattis
Tricia Javernick                             Susan Hettinga
Renee Mitsunaga                          Beth Bathrick
David Parsons                               Felicia Thornton
Deepa Pawar                                 Becky Sims
Michaelangelo and Meg Lobato    Ellen Finn
Melanie Stahl                                 Lindsay Young 
Kenny and Denise Hansel              Trisha Conlin
Claire Roybal                                  Sabrina Bent
Heather Anderson                           Becca and Jose Rodriguez
Jackie Scharff                                 Cathy Babcock
Alison Watkins                                Bethany King

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