Letter to the Editor: Disgusted With Intermittent Comcast Internet Service In White Rock

White Rock

We are disgusted with the poor intermittent Comcast Internet service in White Rock.

For the last three months we have had intermittent Internet service from Comcast in White Rock. With the local office closed, and the one in Santa Fe non responsive and unreachable by phone, we had to contact their service numbers at least a few times a month.

The operators on the phone are nice, keep repeating verbatim the same lines, do not connect us to higher ups, keep saying they can only send line-people, refuse to give us a technical support beyond the first levels, and could do nothing to solve the issue. They keep promising a fix. Many houses on circuit 13, according to the line people, have similar issues in White Rock. Comcast has.been promising a fix for two months now, but without results.

We would appreciate any help with this issue. And would like to know if other areas in Los Alamos County are having similar insures.