Letter To The Editor: ‘Did Mr. Antos Read My Entire Letter?’

Los Alamos
Apparently, Mr. Antos did not bother to read my entire letter, but went off on a tangent after seeing the words “greenhouse effect of CO2 generated by massive levels of coal and petroleum combustion to produce electricity makes common scientific sense”.

He did not bother to note my very next sentence, which stated, “It is the magnitude of the effect of such pollutions on a global scale and the non-human effects that are the issues.”

I spent the rest of the letter addressing changes in the global temperature of “mother earth” for the past millennia (in previous letters to the Los Alamos Daily Post, I even presented data for the past 422,800 years when mankind was not a significant factor!) and tried to put current global observations in perspective.

Yes, volcanos have effects. So do earth quakes, tidal waves, monsoons, forest fires, dust storms, meteorites, etc, etc, all of which have happened for many millions of millennia. 

I suggest that Mr. Antos do his own evaluation of how much influence volcanos have on the global temperature. Volcano effects would just be a part of the total variability in the ice core data that I referenced.


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