Letter to the Editor: Did Anyone in Los Alamos Hear a Meteor Aug. 11?

By John Eklund
Los Alamos

Sunday evening, Aug. 11, I was watching the night sky for signs of the annual Perseid meteor shower on the roof of my Barranca Mesa home.

At about 11:05 p.m., the largest yellow fireball of the night thus far streaked in from directly above from NE to SW, leaving behind a golden tail across the sky. I was astonished to hear a load deep ripping, roaring sound within a fraction of a second of seeing the light.
Judging from the 5-second per mile rule of thumb for calculating the distance of lightning strikes, the meteor could not have been more than 1/4 mile away when it burned up in the atmosphere.
Did anyone else in Los Alamos hear a meteor that night?

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