Letter To The Editor: Dearth Of Hummingbirds Lately?

Los Alamos
I am wondering if everyone in Los Alamos is experiencing a dearth of hummingbirds this summer. 
I have always had to fill three feeders once or twice a day each by this time in the summer and now I am changing the sugar water once a week in just one feeder just to keep it fresh in case.
In early May I had many little ones that were very hungry but just for a couple of weeks. Since then I have rarely seen one. I keep a record of when the great hordes arrive each year with the feisty rufous ones and never have they shown in my yard later than July 12.
I have seen one single one fly past a few times this month, but does not stop to eat. I have asked a couple of friends and they said the same is happening in their yards. In all the years I have been feeding the hummers everyone has always been in awe at how many I have each year. With my three feeders there are six feeding spots on two of them and eight on another and each holds four cups of sugar water and normally there are at least 15 swarming each of the feeders fighting for a spot.
I would love to know if this is community wide and, if so, if anyone knows why this is happening. I live on the canyon in Western area.

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