Letter To The Editor: Dangerous Dog Spotted In Starbuck’s Parking Lot

Los Alamos Resident
Name withheld by request

Wednesday I turned into the Starbucks parking lot and the first thing I see is very obviously this very dangerous and massive dog that has been described several times now.

Obvious I say because I had to stop for it in the very busy parking lot and it was standing right in front of my car and big enough that I couldn’t drive over it if I needed to!

It was wearing a solid metal cage muzzle and was being “controlled” by a slight blond women who couldn’t have weighed more than that dog and only had a regular type leash on it and try as she might she was useless to make it do anything it didn’t want to do.

Somebody please take care of this situation so I can let my kids walk the streets of Los Alamos again and only have to worry about the little things like cougars and bears.

Editor’s note: The Los Alamos Police Department has located the owner of this dog and is resolving the situation.


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