Letter to the Editor: Danger on the Main Hill Road

Los Alamos

I am writing in serious concern of all the big trucks using the Main Hill Road.

When are we going to put the trucks onto the Truck Route, where they belong?

Despite my frustration at being behind a big truck (or seven) creeping up the Main Hill Road, my main concern is their reckless descent: several times over the last two weeks I’ve been forced to hug the guardrail because of trucks coming down, faster than they should and crossing the center line, coming into my lane. 

One morning I counted seven trucks coming down and five of them were over the center line and in my lane. They were so far into my lane, had I been in a larger vehicle they would have clipped my side mirror or worse…

Who do the trucks belong to? My first guess would be the new Smith’s project, but all I know for certain is their cabs were either red or white; they were moving too fast and I was too occupied with staying on the road to read any signs on them. I understand the Main Hill Road is closer to “in town projects” than the Truck Route, but who’s pockets are being lined in order to provide this convenience for projects versus public safety?

This has got to stop before someone is seriously injured or killed and before the road deteriorates from the weight and vibration of these trucks. The trucks belong on the Truck Route!



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