Letter To The Editor: Cycling To Death

By Cyclist Involved In Morning Issue
Los Alamos

To the guy in the small, white, four-door wearing a blue polo shirt and glasses seen today in White Rock on Bryce and Rover: Bicycles have a right to the road.

That doesn’t mean when a bicycle is stopped at a stop sign, clearly holding their arm at a right angle to properly signal a right-hand turn, you pull up to their left and try to pass.

That also doesn’t mean, when the traffic has cleared, that you swing around the cyclist, speed in the wrong lane, and then fly back in front of the cyclist, cutting them off, as you slam on your brakes since there is another vehicle in front of you that just turned on the road. You’re a reckless, irresponsible driver!

You are the reason cyclists are hit daily. Motorists like you are impatient, rude, and selfish. A cyclist trying to bike to work is such a problem for you, isn’t it? It must be so frustrating to lose 2 seconds on your drive to work because someone going much slower than you is trying to get their pedals going in order to let you pass properly and safely. Oh, the humanity!

Yes, some cyclists out there are careless and give the good cyclists a bad name. Those careless cyclists run stop signs and red lights. Those careless cyclists cut off drivers, weave through traffic, and don’t signal when they’re turning. But most cyclists try, and I am one of those good cyclists. I stopped at the stop sign. I signaled my turn. I waited for passing traffic – yet you still treated me like I was a piece of trash on the road.

Listen, you better get your act together, buddy, or one day your morning won’t go as smoothly. One day you’re going to hit that cyclist you’re speeding around, and you’ll have to look into the face of their family and explain how you didn’t have 2 seconds to spare to get to work, and that you didn’t mean to kill them, but jeez, cyclists are slow, and you just can’t stand to wait.

Cyclists are humans. We have families. Start acting like it.

Editor’s note: The author of this letter wishes to remain anonymous and to represent all cyclists who deserve respect on the road.


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