Letter To The Editor: Crosswalk Confusion

Los Alamos

There have been two subsequent letters regarding my letter about the crosswalk at Diamond and Sycamore. These are indicative of the confused nature of that mark.

Daren Savage says he used to walk his dog in the area and never knew that there was a “formal unmarked crosswalk” at Diamond and Sycamore. The other writer thinks marking crosswalks would place an undue financial burden on the county and that the crosswalk is adequately marked. So one write doesn’t even realize it is marked while the other thinks the existing marking is adequate.

On Thursday I crossed the street with my 5-year-old daughter and one car slowed and yielded the right-of-way in accord with the law. That vehicle was passed by an angry red faced man traveling by my estimate at about 50 miles per hour. When I crossed on the return I was given the middle finger by a baldheaded man driving an SUV at about 50 miles an hour.

Both vehicles had plenty of time to stop and yield the right of way in accord with the law. They simply chose not to. Police should monitor that crosswalk.

I’m sure a week’s worth of tickets for failing to yield the right of way at $200 a pop should cover the cost of painting and maintaining the stripes from some time to come.