Letter To The Editor: Crimes And Misdemeanors

Los Alamos

No one wants to be the nosey parent, the busy body parent, or the prig homeschooling parent. No one wants to see their children or their children’s friends make really stupid and dangerous decisions. 

Last week my youngest daughter’s girlfriend was hiking up to the reservoir with some of her friends. When they got to the top they saw some bikes and thought it would be funny to take them and ride them down, so they did. The LAPD were waiting for them at the bottom. The officer had the girls ride the bikes back up to the owners who refused to press charges. The parents of the prankster teens were NOT contacted.

When my older daughter told me this story I asked her younger sister if she would have known to say no had she been on the hike that day. Of course, she insisted she would. I hope so. She does know that her brother’s racing bike with upgrades and electronics is probably worth more than the family cars. Theft really isn’t very funny.

Another friend of the kids got into trouble last week, too – a traffic accident near the hospital, which luckily did not result in severe injury. I could not help noticing the young man driving around all summer staring down at his lap texting. A week or so before the accident I saw him on Barranca Mesa  speeding along, head down, completely oblivious to the road. I briefly thought I should really call his mom but didn’t. 

Among the teen friends of my three teens there have probably been about a dozen accidents since the spring – nearly all resulted from inexperienced, distracted drivers. 

Again and again I have heard of so and so going 70 mph past the golf course late at night and being stopped by an officer who happens to be a family friend, so no charges result. This really doesn’t do anyone any good.  I would really like to know if one of my kids were caught doing something stupid – their life might depend on it.