Letter To The Editor: County Decisions!

Los Alamos

Well how about that? Another complete strike out for our dutiful county council. Except for the one member that voted against this move to transfer the Sheriff’s duties to the LAPD, our council has proven that they have no hind sight nor forward thinking abilities at all!

Sure they want to investigate why there are law suits being lost and all, but they completely fail to see that biggest issue is the leadership in the LAPD that is doing the things that the county is being sued for.

It amounts to the attitude at the top trickling down through the ranks and except for those special people who really do know how to avoid the pitfalls of a boastful arrogant attitude and life style the whole city would be suing the county for any and all transgressions.

Yes I have seen our local police do things like going thru a parking lot to bypass a traffic light and stopping people for almost no reason at all! Like not using your turn signals in a right or left turn only lane!

Now they want to get rid of a constitutionally elected Sheriff and his working crew?

After what our County government has spent on BS projects like consultants to find a new catch phrase, for our lovely town the piddly $88,000 a year is an incredibly worthwhile expenditure.

And since when did sex offender monitoring become a non-law enforcement function Councilor Henderson? It’s a lack of knowledge and irrational thinking like this that makes it harder to live in a small town and it also makes the population of a town hold a big lack of respect for government officials and local law enforcement!

Unfortunately, I think the root of this effort is much more sinister. The same small group of arrogant little control freaks who make up the bulk of the council, along with their willing minions, keep trying to eliminate the Office of Sheriff because they know it is beyond their ability to control. Our Sheriff works for us not the Council and it drives them crazy, and since our corrupt council has a track record of working against the will

of the people this move makes me wonder what it is they have planned that makes removal of the Sheriffs oversight so important. Whatever it is it won’t be good for us. The safest thing we could do at this point is to keep the Sheriff and get rid of the council.

Because this is such a caustic subject I had to really think twice about sending this letter for the fear of reprisal by our county government and the local gendarmes but truly after all if I don’t do something to try and protect the people of Los Alamos then who will … I can’t depend on our County Council to do the right thing as they never have! They are bound and determined to to do their own bidding and not that of the people.

For the people.