Letter To The Editor: County Crew Made My Day!

Los Alamos

Recently, a construction project was started on Alabama Avenue. Los Alamos County crews have done their level best to notify the neighborhood of the project.

Trenching began with a large excavator, a broken sewer pipe discovered from the first fire in 2001 and the County came to repair.

The Vac Truck was deployed, and everyone was satisfied. Alas my sewer was plugged from the effort of clearing the broken and defunct sewer line.

I nearly had an overflow of sewage in my downstairs bedroom. Holy moly that could have been bad.  Thankfully, I was home and noticed the impending doom…

I made a simple phone call to our wonderful county folks, and everyone jumped into action. The supervisor called me back quickly, confirmed the address and deployed the best folks.

A high pressure flush pushed everything downstream and uncovered tree roots plugging a drain. Thanks for showing me the photos you guys! A quick trip back to the shop for some additional equipment and they began working on the issue.

They even went next door to check on the folks there, too.

A short time later, amidst laughter, jokes, and some very good humor, “OUR” utility folks got my home back on track. Some Clorox wipes were in order amongst laughter, but they were awesome and much appreciated. They even went as far as my next door neighbor to check the situation for drainage.

They offered to bleach and disinfect my concrete back patio, where the sewer water spewed up and was pretty nasty. They had done enough. I told them I could power wash the deck and they gave me about 50 gold coins worth of bleach for the power washer, worth about a bazillion dollars today. Thanks Mark, it was great!

The tree roots removed, sewer restored for myself and my neighbor and it was a great day. The crew did everything they possibly could and were very sincere about making sure everything was okay.

In these trying times, I’d like to point out that there were many men of differing race working together, laughing, joking, teasing each other, and not a single hurt feeling amongst us all.

I, for one, appreciate them all, their hard work, their humor, their tenacity, dedication, and help in what could have been a particularly nasty situation.

Thanks Guys, You made my day!