Letter To The Editor: Councilors And Candidates, Take Notice … There Are Many Who Care … Do You?

Los Alamos

Thank you, Khalil Spencer, (letter) for speaking out for those who need basic services in this town. 

Why are these services disappearing? As I watched those doing their laundry on the last days that our only self-serve laundry was open, I also wondered how people could stay in this town and work without such necessities. I could imagine myself in that position because I also relied on self-service laundry for many, many years. A neighborhood without a laundry facility was uninhabitable for me. 

I find that in our pursuit for a grocery store with a wine bar, more fancy recreation facilities and expensive construction projects, we forget what it really takes to be a community that cares for and takes notice of all its residents.

Councilors and Council candidates, take notice. There are many who do care. Do you?