Letter to the Editor: Council Does NOT Support Reinstatement Of New Mexico Food Tax

Los Alamos County Council

I saw the letter to the editor dated Dec. 27, 2014, questioning whether or not the Los Alamos County Council supports the reinstatement of a food tax in New Mexico.

I would like to be clear that the current Los Alamos County Council does NOT support the reinstatement of a food tax in New Mexico.

This has come before us twice, in deciding whether or not to support the state legislative agendas of two different organizations – the New Mexico Municipal League, and the New Mexico Association of Counties. The issue of reinstating a food tax in the state, in particular, was discussed by Council at those meetings both times, because it is an item that is supported by the NM Municipal League.

In voting, Council then specifically did not endorse that item. Council purposely endorsed only those items that appear in both agendas. Because the food tax item is not on the NM Association of Counties agenda, and is only on the NM Municipal League agenda, in voting the way we did, we specifically did not endorse a reinstatement of a food tax. It may sound convoluted, but we were clear and purposeful as to how we took that vote, in regard to the food tax.

So, as Councilors we are aware of the issue, we have discussed it as a Council, and as Council we did not endorse it. Twice, actually.

I also think it is worth adding that, as any one given Councilor, even one that technically holds a leadership position on Council (i.e. Vice Chair), none of us can speak on behalf of Council, generally speaking. However, in this instance, where the topic has been discussed at a Council meeting, in public, and a vote on the issue was taken, it is actually a matter of public record that the Los Alamos County Council does not support the reinstatement of a tax on food in New Mexico.