Letter to the Editor: Consultants Must Love It Around Here!

By Jerry Fleming
Los Alamos

I read the other day that there is a serious shortfall in county receipts, and that now county management is scrambling to cut expenditures in order to avoid a serious deficit situation.

Personally, I cannot understand how this could happen, except that when you look around at all the projects going on now and over the past few years, it’s pretty clear that the county has been spending as though ever-increasing receipts would continue forever.

Now I see in the Los Alamos Daily Post that yet another boondoggle expenditure for “developing a brand” is about to occur.

Is this a joke? The county likes to study things to death, and in the process expends enormous sums of money. Consultants must love it around here!

In my opinion, why can’t we reign in some of these outlays and if by so doing the county winds up with a surplus let’s put something away to take care of problems such as the shortfall just announced.

The county is not alone. The school district just blew off about $30K to hold a special bond election that could have been done both without incurring this large expense and without jeopardizing the passage of the bond issues. When it wins by better than 2-1, there was no problem I don’t get it.


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