Letter to the Editor: Consider Used Bookstore in New White Rock Library Plan

Los Alamos

We would like to thank everyone involved with Public Forums and Meetings regarding the building of the new White Rock Library.  

The preferred building site on the corner of State 4 and Sherwood Boulevard would seem to be the best location for the Library. We would like to encourage the building committee to consider having a used bookstore included in the White Rock plan similar to the one we have uptown.

There have been some comments made about not having enough volunteers to run such an endeavor. After discussing these comments with a great many people in White Rock who donate books to the Los Alamos bookstore, the great consensus is that they would welcome a used bookstore in our new Library.

It would seem to be much easier and much more economical to include this area while building the new Library than to decide years later that we could now utilize such a facility.  We would certainly be willing to work with anyone who is interested in establishing a used bookstore as well as volunteering in this facility.