Letter To The Editor: Confronting Mistaken Allegiance

Los Alamos

An old joke came to mind as I read Mr. Houlton and Mr. Stradling’s responses



to Ms. Korkos respectful request that Trump signs be taken down https://ladailypost.com/letter-to-the-editor-signs-and-symbols/

A concerned wife calls her husband commuting home from work. “Be careful, honey. There is some nut driving the wrong way on the highway.” His response? “Thanks, love. It isn’t just one, ALL of them are going the wrong way.”

After the presidential election, skeptical voters had every right to litigate Mr. Biden’s win. These efforts almost universally lost, and the one or two that had any merit had no impact on the final election result. If some of these cases lost because of lack of standing, as Mr. Stradling suggests, the blame surely lies not on the courts on Biden’s campaign, but rather on litigants who could not get the support of even one party that did hold judicial standing. The rest lost because, once in front of a judge, the price of innuendo, exaggeration, or plain lying is substantial.

Skeptical viewers of the storming of the Capitol similarly had every right to hypothesize a “false flag” attack. That is what the Nazis did when they burned down the Reichstag in pre-war Germany and blamed then Communists. Once the perpetrators of the Capitol storming were identified, charged, and interviewed, it was clear that this was no false flag. The Trump flag was flown sincerely and proudly by the mob.

Even skeptical viewers of the impeachment trial, might at first give the former President the benefit of the doubt, and assume that he was concerned about the unfolding violence and that he was doing what he could to stop it. However, given how long it took before he responded, his ambiguous message, and especially the recent revelation of the content of Representative McCarthy’s phone call to Mr. Trump, it is clear that Mr. Trump was encouraged by and endorsing the violent throng.

How many cars need to go in your opposite direction before you realize that maybe you are the one going the wrong way?

Ms. Korkos was not impinging on anyone’s freedom of speech in requesting that inflammatory signs be taken down. Rather, she was exercising her own rights, and given the proven association between these signs and attempts to reverse verified electoral results, and more recently, violent attempts to overturn them, it is directly analogous to a polite request that your constitutional right to fly the Viet Cong flag in front of an elementary school not be exercised.

It may be a year, it may be a decade, it may be a generation, but those who now still cling to the mythology of Trump’s righteousness will have to confront their mistaken allegiance. Someday, they, or maybe it will be their grandchildren sitting at their lap, who will realize that it was an allegiance that prevailed over their respect for democratic norms and institutions. If not, those who are not willing to confront these contortions toward misguided defenses and justifications will join the many who in times past, and there are too many such times to count, were on the wrong side, and going in the wrong direction, of history.