Letter To The Editor: Concerns About Governor’s New Plan

Concerned Citizen
Los Alamos 

I am not a bit surprised that Los Alamos is currently the only county that isn’t red on the governor’s tiered “Red to Green” reopening plan. I see our science minded citizens social distancing,  wearing our masks and washing our hands.

We should not be closed for business the same as the counties with the high infection rates. However, I am very concerned that COVID carrying shoppers and diners from the closed “red” counties will seek us out for entertainment in the governor’s new plan. I am not sure she has thought this through.

I remember growing up in a small dry county in Texas. Everyone that wanted a drink would drive to the wet county next door to satisfy their thirst. We had very high DUI and drunk driving related fatality rates. These numbers have plummeted since alcohol sales were approved a few years ago. 

The governor’s reopening plan makes Los Alamos similarly vulnerable to citizens of other counties looking to “quench their thirst” for some sense of normalcy. I am so happy for our small businesses to reopen, they have always had the full support of my family and we can’t wait to enjoy them again in a “normal” setting.

Business owners and employees, citizens and patrons, please be mindful of these concerns as we “reopen” once again. I know we will do the best we can with what we are given!