Letter To The Editor: Concerning The Bond Election

Los Alamos
I have a problem with Jim Hall’s letter about the Bond Election.
According to the plan published in the Los Alamos Daily Post, North Mesa was to be developed after Barranca Mesa so they built the Junior High School there. Our kids were all bussed to North Mesa. The land that was set aside for a Junior HS in White Rock is now the Pinon Trails subdivision.
Not all the schools were built in the 1950s. We moved here in 1967 and Chamisa had not been built yet. It was designed to have a third pod when the school population increased. By the time it was needed there was no money so transportables were brought in. In 1983 a fire was set in the library. Transportables were brought in for a year while Chamisa was rebuilt.
Chamisa is the only school that was built with Los Alamos tax payer money. The rest were built by the AEC, which was funded by US taxpayer money.
The high school, middle school and Aspen all needed to be rebuilt. They were all dumps when our kids went there in the 1960s and 1970s.
At one point I read that Barranca and Pinon schools were built using the same plan. The plan was to rebuild both of them as super schools. Aspen should have been built as a super school, which would have accomodated both Aspen and Mountain students. Instead you want to bus the Mountain kids to Barranca and then build a super school at Pinon and close Chamisa.
I suggest you dust off the Chamisa plans and build the third pod. You can adjust the school boundaries as needed and use out of district kids to fill in the gaps.