Letter To The Editor: Concern Pueblo Canyon Bike Trails Not Being Thought Out Carefully Enough

Los Alamos

To all concerned,

Though the Pueblo Canyon Bike Trails projects being proposed do have merit, I am concerned that they are not being thought out carefully enough. The fact that the projects are submitted as all-or-nothing underscores this concern.

I choose to live in this mountain town because of the natural habitat. I find peace by getting outside and hiking these trails. To remove myself from civilization is restorative and provides an opportunity to contemplate meaningful topics and enjoy nature. Even Einstein and Oppenheimer sought out our canyons for contemplation. It is similar to Ken Burn’s point about the National Parks being Americas Best Idea. From my perspective, our canyons and open spaces are Los Alamos County’s best asset.

I am hoping our county can make the bike trails happen in places that welcome each of the projects and leaves the open spaces in Pueblo Canyon for those seeking the great outdoors for other restorative endeavors such as hiking and bird watching.

We need to protect our canyons and open spaces for it would take decades to rejuvenate. If you agree please sign the petition at: https://forms.gle/RbsRA9R9rZ23YKsq7

Thank you.


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