Letter to the Editor: Concern Over Suspicious Activity

Los Alamos

I am hoping I make it through the week. If I don’t, here’s what may have happened.

Last weekend, the people upstairs installed a small fan that blows air into my bathroom through my bathroom fan vent. I could hear their motor humming when I used my bathroom.

The air would make me cough and made my chest congested. I was concerned, so I took action by blocking my vent with a plastic bag and taping that vent closed with packing tape.

Today (Aug. 31, 3013) at 12:30 p.m. (MST), I heard people enter upstairs and their footsteps cross over above my bathroom. I heard the sound of the plastic bag being scratched or poked. People continued to work upstairs above my bathroom. At one point I heard footsteps run to their balcony and open both of their sliding glass doors (bedroom and living room.)

I have concern about what may be floated in my atmosphere, since that seems to be a project.

In the past four months, I have been periodically subject to unknown airbornes, which have made me cough.

My concern is that such technologies might be deployed against other vulnerable sequestered populations, so I must give my testimony to anyone who might also be concerned about such potential.



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