Letter to the Editor: Concern Over Large Trucks on Main Hill Road

Los Alamos

I would like to voice my concerns over the use of the Main Hill Road by large construction trucks. 

Part of my exasperation comes from the delays these trucks are creating by using the road and traveling at 20 miles per hour. I don’t travel the road that much so my concerns center around the safety impacts.

I remember an incident that occurred 24-26 years ago when a large truck jackknifed on the Main Hill, killing a young man who left behind a wife and two small children. I question the probability of reoccurrence of this event on the Main Hill Road, with the added variable of the increased number of trucks. Even just one reoccurrence would be too many.

The causes of a truck jackknifing are varied to include road surface, shifting of loads, and equipment malfunction. I’m not educated on road surfacing, but I wonder if the Main Hill has been surfaced for the heavy semi-truck traffic currently occurring. What will happen when the weather changes and the road ices? Is it possible for the truck’s loads to shift? If not, how is this ensured?

Finally, how often is the brake system on EACH truck tested to certify safety? My next issue is the potential damage this heavy traffic may be inflicting on the road, which again, may not be surfaced appropriately. Isn’t that why Los Alamos has a truck route? Who will pay for the potential need to resurface due to ruts and potholes caused by these trucks?

My final concern about the increased truck traffic on Main Hill has to do with the vibration these trucks are creating. Is this the reason for the increased rock slides seen on the side of the road or is it the rain? Can this become a more dangerous hazard as time – and trucks – go by?

Finally, I’d like to ask if these and other concerns were investigated before the construction company was given the go-ahead to travel with these trucks on the Main Hill Road? If these issues have not been analyzed, I would like to suggest that they are before more time goes by.


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