Letter To The Editor: Concern For Our Young Athletes

Los Alamos

I am concerned about the safety and welfare of our young athletes.

Particularly our Football players. I have attended the last two home games and was shocked by what I witnessed. The players were not given any chance of recovery as they were played over and over.

Several players experienced severe cramps that took them off the field only to be put right back in.

I saw several more players injured during the game, and a couple of those injuries I can say were the results of fatigue and the mistakes made due to fatigue.

Even past injuries, you could see that as the players were becoming more and more fatigued throughout the game, they were making more mistakes, these mistakes cost them the game.

You can only push the body so much. This coach is pushing these kids to exhaustion. Whereas the coach from Santa Fe High regularly gave his star players recoup time and at the same time gave his less experienced players experience.

In fact, you could see the difference in the plays immediately when he would put in a fresh player. Whereas the Los Alamos coach played players to the point that they were crawling off the field with severe cramps. 

Neither home game I attended did I see this with the other teams, only with Los Alamos.