Letter to the Editor: Competition Key Element of Healthy Business Environment

By NANCY PARTRIDGE, Chamber Manager
Los Alamos Chamber of Commerce

I would like to thank Don Krier and Kelly Gallagher for their July 14 Letter to the Editor, “Don’t Let Los Alamos Become a One Mall Town.” 

It is true the new Smith’s Marketplace will introduce competition into the Los Alamos retail market. Competition is a key element of a healthy business environment. The ultimate winner in business competition is the consumer.

Los Alamos has a variety of small, local businesses that have brick-and-mortar locations along the walkable downtown area. Equally important are all the home-based businesses, many of which can be found through the Chamber of Commerce website. White Rock also has a small variety of service and retail offerings. The Smith’s Marketplace will add a new element to the local shopping choices.

What better way to support all Los Alamos businesses than to shop locally – regardless of the size of the store? There are many reasons to support a retailer or service provider: personalized service, a friendly smile, custom ordering, attention to detail, location, cleanliness, convenience and variety.

Reward the best retailers and service companies with your shopping dollars and your recommendations to family and friends.