Letter to the Editor: Comment on Recent News Reports

Comment on Recent News Reports

President of LAPS Board

The following comments represent my opinion, as the president of the Los Alamos School Board, and are not an official statement of the Los Alamos Public School Board (the Board).

It is important to emphasize two important points in light of recent news reports. First, the LAPS Board does not vote nor does it take any action in executive session. All votes are in open session and on items on the agenda. There has not been any vote on Dr. Schmidt’s contract. Any reports of individual Board member support or opposition on ANY LAPS subject are speculative unless (1) an individual Board member chooses to express an opinion about an issue OR (2) there has been a vote on an issue in open session. Board members are prohibited from commenting on private personnel issues making it difficult to clarify or correct speculative reports in the media.

Second, it is my belief that all Board members recognize the significant contributions made by Dr. Schmidt to LAPS and wish him well. I am confident that Dr. Schmidt will continue to serve LAPS with the same energy and dedication that he has demonstrated in the past for as long as he is Superintendent. 

Finally, I anticipate that the Board will begin a process in the near future to identify and hire a new superintendent, and the process will include broad public and employee input.