Letter To The Editor: Circuit Train Against Citizens United

Los Alamos

The war on terror has not made the planet safer as a terror state has risen in place of a dictatorship after very brave, strong people stood up to our lethal occupation and are not now the vast majority of the population there.

I trained in boxing my whole life. However no matter how hard I trained I still wanted to see how good I was. Now training in Krav Maga – the Israeli Combat System using instinct – I never feel the need to prove myself to anybody. You are practicing moves and striking shields without any brain damage. 

If you’re going to pick a martial art, why fool around? We evolved with dangers all around and we evolved fighting. There is an anxiety drop when one is martial trained as modern day fears of soaring university costs, climate change and endless war won’t manifest themselves as a Tiger prowling it’s niche just over a hill and down a valley. You’ll know you can handle what may come. 

Raising life only comes from strength and there’s a workout for everyone. Why don’t we circuit train against Citizens United? I’ll see you in the Park.


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