Letter To The Editor: Christine Chandler’s Experience And Commitment To Dist. 43 Earns My Vote

Los Alamos County Assessor

Over the many years that I’ve known Christine Chandler, sometimes we’ve agreed on issues; sometimes we haven’t. Regardless of our viewpoint on any issue, she has always been willing to listen and actively seek other points of view.

Also, through her extensive public service, Christine has gained the skills and experience that are absolutely essential to serve in the legislature and be an excellent state representative for our district.

There are many attributes I look for in a leader. Among them are to first have an open mind, seek broad input and different points of view, then using that information form a vision and plan, be able to articulate that vision and plan to gain support and, finally, be able to implement and have follow through.

Christine has these attributes. Attributes that are critical to successfully serve in the state legislature. This is why I’ve voted for Christine Chandler as our District 43 state representative and I urge my fellow citizens to do the same.