Letter To The Editor: Christine Chandler Listens To Young Professionals … Gives Voice To Marginalized Citizens

By Tina DeYoe
Los Alamos

As a young professional in the Los Alamos community working in the nonprofit sector, I support Christine Chandler for House District 43’s State Representative.

Christine has done a great job as one of our Los Alamos County Councilor. She understands and listens to concerns that young professionals have including the need for affordable housing, green energy initiatives, the importance of lifting up the voices of women in society, and acceptance of diversity and differing perspectives.

Last year, I had the fortunate opportunity of participating in a book discussion group with Christine. In this group, we read Healing the Heart of Democracy by Parker Palmer. To this discussion Christine brought her knowledge, wisdom and her own perspective as a woman serving our community in a democratic position.

Christine proves to be a very dedicated and concerned person when it comes to improving community. One thing that I value in any person serving in our state legislature is for that person to really listen to the stories of individuals in the community who have concerns and to work with them to find solutions. Christine does this in her work as a County Councilor and I know she will continue to do this as our district’s State Representative.

The other reason I personally am supporting Christine is because she is sponsoring a County Proclamation for Los Alamos County’s Annual LGBTQ+ Pride Week.

I have been part of this newly formed LGBTQ+ group in Los Alamos County and upon hearing about our idea of approaching the County Council to proclaim an “Annual Pride Week”, Christine immediately said she would sponsor this proclamation and bring it before the Los Alamos County Council. I am appreciative of her enthusiastic sponsorship of this proclamation. This sponsorship indeed demonstrates Christine’s excitement and energy for giving a platform and voice to those who feel marginalized in our current society.

I know that Christine will bring this excitement, dedication, energy and spirit for improving our communities to her position as State Representative and this is why I am supporting Christine Chandler for NM District 43’s State Representative position.